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If you pass Bamberg through the pulsating pedestrian zone at the "Gabelmann" fountain,
You can already see the mighty cantilever reaching Kesslerstrasse from afar.


From the wall of the traditional building, baroque interpreter,

at the top of which is the house sign of the famous hotel  -
"Wilde Rose". An inviting Franconian-Bavarian hospitality exudes the "Wild Rose"
and this impression is also solidified in the hotel, where the service team has been dedicated to you
more than 30 years with a friendly word and expert help.
















 Interpreter of the brewery wild rose             Brewery and hotel about 1930             Old beer mug "Wilde Rose" brewery


Connectet to tradition .......

Since 1760 the property with the house number 7 is known as "Rosenwirtshaus" and belongs
as well as to the distinctive atmosphere of Bamberg, as the countless sights,
of which it is surrounded. That is why the "Wild Rose" is a special tradition.
Also because the hotel-inn has been managed by Andrea Konrad since September 2004.
She is the great-granddaughter of Josef and Kunigunda Häfner, who have been breeding the "Wilde Rose" brewery since 1901. In the second world war the property was then complete
destroyed. After the building of Hans and Margareta Konrad rebuilt and radiated in old beauty, the family rented the house from 1962. Since then, the hotel inn was run by various tenants, before Andrea Konrad since 2004 the house again taken in family hands and it now in the fourth generation.



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